Credit Experiences : The German Market Leader Relies On Stability



The online credit marketplace auxmoney offers loans from private to private. This is a form of credit brokerage that has existed in Germany for nine years, thanks to the auxmoney experience. The principle is simple: a large network of private investors will grant credit to loan seekers without the involvement of the bank.


  • Almost 97% of customers recommend auxmoney (according to Ekomi)
  • already 69,000 mediated loans for various projects
  • a strong community with over 1,200,000 members




Also this Each comes all experience reports on eKomi of people who have received a loan from auxmoney. People who needed money again in 2016 have increasingly opted for a loan from the market leader, as more than 50,000 loan projects have already been disbursed this year. And once again this year, eKomi reports that 97.2% of its customers have gained positive auxmoney experience in the German credit marketplace. This result illustrates that auxmoney has a stable track record with a clear focus on customer satisfaction.

The experiences

auxmoney stands for uncomplicated lending between borrowers and investors . At auxmoney, borrowers have the opportunity to present their projects as attractive as possible in the marketplace in order to encourage investors to invest. Loan seekers have the option of choosing a loan amount ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 euros. Subsequently, auxmoney checks whether private investor financing is realistic.
As with conventional banks, borrowers are checked by means of a credit check. auxmoney   builds on an in-house credit score ,   which is made up of various values ​​of years of experience   the platform. This score offers borrowers more fairness, gives investors more security and realizes loans despite SCHUFA entry. This auxmoney score is composed of all available credit-related data and is characterized by the score classes AA, AA, A, B, C, D and E. The score class X expresses a much higher risk and should be well considered when investing.

The opportunities: Can anyone get a loan?


The opportunities: Can anyone get a loan?

The auxmoney experience shows that self-employed people in particular have a good chance of getting a loan . If the loan request is approved, you are only a few steps away from the loan payment. Loan seekers then have the opportunity to get investors on board. The advertising space for this is provided by auxmoney in the form of a project description. Thus, loan seekers can make their projects as attractive as possible in order to increase the attractiveness of an investment.

It is important that the reason for the required loan is explained as well as possible. This is the only way for investors to know who they are providing money for and why. If you want to take out a loan at the bank, a bad credit rating usually higher interest rates.

Existing borrowers who share auxmoney’s experience often report that, above all else, the investor’s confidence is gained when they reveal their wishes . It is also advantageous to explain the topic of creditworthiness and repayment options as transparently as possible .

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Advantages of auxmoney


auxmoney is the most successful German platform for loans from private to private. Thanks to the strong community of borrowers and investors, it has become an alternative to the bank . auxmoney assumes the role of mediator connecting the two parties.

With benefits on both sides: The borrower receives his or her preferred loan and the investor cuts more return by suspending the bank . Private money is therefore very much in vogue and, according to the experience of the last financial crisis, strongly growing – as well as the market leader auxmoney.

How do you get a loan from auxmoney in 2016?


How do you get a loan from auxmoney in 2016?


With auxmoney one has the possibility to receive a loan from private providers. All you have to do is register with auxmoney and choose the loan request and the amount. Registration is free.

Only when the loan is paid will incur costs. The risk of a cost trap does not exist . Once all credit conditions have been agreed, investors must be introduced to the online credit marketplace. The more information you give away, the more trustworthy and convincing you will be towards investors. If the loan is then financed by the investors, the loan is paid out to the borrower .

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