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auxmoney has established itself as a real alternative in the field of investment . The online marketplace for the provision of personal loans offers investors an average return of 5.0%. With more than 33,000 financed loans and a financed loan volume of more than 179 million (as of March 2015), auxmoney is the market leader and pioneer in the German crowdlending market. Crowdlending refers to lending on the Internet, from private to private. Loan seekers publish loan projects that investors can invest in and receive a high return in addition to repayments. auxmoney represents an alternative to investing in funds and equities, because the ability to support private projects has a very personal touch.


auxmoney return – what is a high return?


auxmoney return - what is a high return?


The high return is the overall success of an investment, that is, the profit you make with your investment. The return can be generated from various income receipts (interest, dividends, price gains, currency gains). The auxmoney return comes from the interest that each investor receives from borrowers after investing in the project. So, if the investor invests 100 euros in a loan project, for example 10% interest, he will get a return of 10 euros.


High Return – which makes auxmoney so attractive to investors


High Return - which makes auxmoney so attractive to investors

Anyone looking for an investment expects two things in essence: a high return and a calculable risk. Because every investor wants, of course, that his money is invested safely and ideally increases its value. However, finding the right mix of both components is exactly what makes investing so difficult and why as much information as possible should be spotted. At auxmoney, the two elementary components of the investment balance each other. Thus, the investment at auxmoney is characterized by a calculable risk of loss. This risk is represented by the auxmoney score.

The reason for this is auxmoney’s system, which allows investors to invest small amounts (25 euros) in a project. This makes it easy to spread the risk and reduce the risk of default. By diversification one has thus a certain security. Because profits from the one projects, compensate for losses from other projects again. On the other hand, the auxmoney return is above average so that investors can make lucrative profits. The return on investors is on average 5.0%. In the best case, auxmoney even yields up to 16.3% possible.

auxmoney score nominal interest rate pa Desired return on fees pa
AA from 3.2% 2.5%
A from 4.9% 3.5%
B from 6.9% 4.0%
C from 8.9% 5.0%
D from 12.9% 6.5%
e from 15.9% 8.0%


auxmoney return – How do I get a high return?

How do I get a high auxmoney return ? The answer to this question is not clear and there is no patented recipe for a very high return. But if you follow some important tips, chances are good to get a high auxmoney return. First of all, the investor should pay attention to the collateral of the borrower.

These are expressed in the form of the auxmoney score, which is compiled on the basis of more than 300 creditworthiness information and thus divides the borrowers into score or risk classes. This classification helps the investor to get an overview of the risk of the projects and make it easier to decide on a project and its investment. The score classes range from AA to E and X. The score class X contains the highest risk and consequently the highest return. auxmoney also offers the Portfolio Builder. This type of investment runs automatically and makes it very easy and convenient for investors to get the money working for them. The investor can additionally opt for a safety-oriented or profit-oriented investment. In any case, the Portfolio Builder is a great way to spread your investment amount, completely automated and easy.

It is always better to spread your money broadly, ie to invest small amounts of money in many projects than in a few projects with large sums. Because the more diversified the distribution of money into different projects, the less risk. The high return also depends to a large extent on the experience of the investor. It may take time to see if it is a worthwhile project. It is also important to put his profits from projects into new projects if possible in order to be as profitable as possible as an investor.

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